Medicinal Uses of Tobacco

Medicinal Uses of Tobacco

Tobacco is said to be harmful in many ways but it also serves as an aid and can also be used to cure various illness. Medicinally tobacco serves as a diuretic, expectorant, sedative and discutient (medical application and causes disappearance of pathological accumulation).

The smoke is beneficial when it is injected in the rectum and helps against obstinate constipation, strangulated hernia and also tetanus. The leaves cataplasm can be used like an ointment when curing cutaneous diseases. The tobacco leaves if combined with stramonium and belladone leaves, can be beneficial as an applicant for painful tremors, obstinate ulcers and spasmodic infections.


The important constituent includes nicoteine, alkaloid, nicotine, nicotianin, nicotinine, nicoteline.

They are useful for;

  • Rheumatism, skin rashes, Eczeme – The leaves of tobacco is used for skin inflammation in order to relieve and soothe pain.
  • Toothaches – Its leaves are placed in mouth to reduce and alleviate the pain caused by toothaches.
  • Insect bites and rattlesnake – Nicotine that is present in the tobacco not only relieves you from the pain but also pulls out the snake poison and heals that wound. Once the poison is drawn out, chewed tobacco leaves can be applied on the bound or cuts with bandage.
  • Colds – Tobacco leaves when mixed with desert sage plant, and then its multifide cures the cold, also helps curing tuberculosis and asthma. The nasal passages are cleared out by smoked leaves.
  • Toothpaste – Powdered tobacco can be rubbed on teeth for cleaning purposes.

Tobacco proves to be an amazing source of phytochemicals, nicotine, protein, solanesol, organic acids and seed oil, which have agricultural, industrial and pharmaceutical uses. It has also been proven that seed oil of tobacco is completely free from substances of tobacco. Refined seed oil of tobacco is majorly consumed as edible oil and countries like Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and Tunisia use it also because the growth of tobacco takes place here.

Tobacco uses during ancient times

  • Earlier it was considered to be a magic herb as it cured many diseases.
  • Was also known as “God’s remedy” and “holy herb”
  • Was used through body routes in all its physical forms

Tobacco was known as a sacred plant when it came to traditional uses. People today often smoke tobacco for pleasure, to satisfy the addiction for tobacco, for rituals and social reasons and also for the self medication. The tobacco leaves are used for lettuce, tea, onion for food, in order to feed the livestock hay is use, herb is worn for seasoning.

We know that tobacco is not much famous for its benefits, but scientists today have discovered it to be used as medicines, especially those are genetically modified and cure inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, which include diabetes. It was used as a sacred medicine with spiritual and cultural importance by Americans. Several tribes till today maintain the stories and teachings of tobacco’s origin. It addresses it in a pure form, and today that tobacco plant is known as nicotine rustica. Hence, people who see it in this sense do not consider tobacco that bad after all.